Our Mission

The mission of (ISC)² Kansas City (KC) Chapter is to advance the Information Security Profession by leveraging our shared body of knowledge to better our communities, groom the next generation of security professionals by delivering solutions to real-world security problems and issues that our members face.

Our Story

Our story is simple.  We are a group of information security professionals and practitioners that are interested in learning about information security.  Some of us have acquired an (ISC)² certification (such as the CISSP) and are members of (ISC)².  And yeah, we also want to earn CPEs.  But we don’t merely want to maintain our certifications; we don’t want to just “get by”.

We want to learn.  We share a passion for learning about all things related to information security which compels us to be information security advocates and better professionals and practitioners.  If you are interested in acquiring an information security-related certification then our (ISC)² KC Chapter is a place where you can learn.

We want to lead.  We want to be leaders, not just in our respective teams or within our respective companies, but in our industry, in our community and to the next generations.  We want to be a part of something bigger and something important.

We want to unlock.  What sets (ISC)² KC Chapter apart from other local security groups is the passion, knowledge and leadership that our membership brings to the table.  We offer real-world solutions to real-world security issues by unlocking and sharing the knowledge and experience of our membership’s diverse expertise and wisdom.

“We” began as a few security-minded friends that worked together.  We decided to quit talking about launching a local (ISC)² chapter in Kansas City or worse yet, wait around for someone else to do it for us.  We stepped up and took the initiative.  We have been growing as others hear about our group and join with us.

Join (ISC)² KC Chapter today by emailing us: membership@isc2kcchapter.org

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