August’s chapter meeting was another great discussion.  Information, CPU and business is moving to the cloud!  Do you have a cloud strategy/governance policy?  If not you need one; for your organization and those you partner with.  If you do, is there room for improvements?  Agility, flexibility and efficiency isn’t just for the cloud, it should also be built in to your security strategy and policy as well.  A big thanks to Gil Friedirch who facilitated the discussion around cloud security and CASB.  Also thanks to Andy Duewel & Rich Fortman and the folks from SecureAuth for sponsoring our meeting and providing food and beverages for the evening.

Resources to continue the discussion and learning:


  • CPEs-If you hold an (ISC)2 certification, our chapter meetings are worth 2 CPEs.  The Chapter will submit the CPEs for you!  You have to sign in, provide your correct certification number and allow a few weeks for the CPE’s to be submitted and recorded.
  • Membership Reminder
    • Attend once in a 6 month period to retain membership status.
    • Membership is free thanks to our monthly sponsors.
    • Our round-table discussion is what sets us apart from other local infosec meetups.
  • Our Chapter now has tax-exempt status!  That’s right, thanks to Yoram & Britney for filing the proper paperwork.  It took less than 2 weeks!  Donations are now tax-exempt.
  • Safe & Secure Online – Our chapter is embracing the SSO program and encouraging members to participate.  We are looking for volunteers to take the lead to help organize and grow this program for our chapter.  Safe & Secure Online was created by the Center for Cyber Safety and Education and the members of (ISC)² to teach everyone how to become more responsible digital citizens. (ISC)² is the world’s premier cybersecurity certification organization.
    • Open to anyone-you do not have to hold an (ISC)² certification!
    • Pre-made presentations at the elementary, middle school, parent and senior citizen levels that YOU can give in our community schools, youth groups, retirement and assisted living facilities.
    • More information at
  • Study Groups:
    • CISSP
      • (ISC)² recently released a new CISSP app based on the bestselling Sybex study guide
      • Contact:  Mark Waugh (
    • CCSP
  • Networking

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I am a first and foremost a dedicated follower of Christ. I am a dad. I am an extrovert, a techie geek, an info security expert-in-training, and a wannabe entrepreneur.

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