Our August Chapter meeting was a huge success with over 60 security-minded professionals in attendance!

Brandon Dunlap led a lively roundtable discussion around BYOD-Bring Your Own Device.  Brandon loves to stir things up and get people talking. We have security professionals from many different industries and tech organizations, (including lawyers, military/government, BYOD vendor, healthcare, utilities, engineering), from upper management to operators who have many diverse experiences who lent a voice and weighed in on the topic.

Brandon cited many different court cases and had lots more on his list.  As promised, his list is below!  Thanks for attending and see you next month!

About -Durk-

I am a first and foremost a dedicated follower of Christ. I am a dad. I am an extrovert, a techie geek, an info security expert-in-training, and a wannabe entrepreneur.

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  1. Hello there! I see where you linked to a couple of my blog posts — first, thank you! Second, I just wanted to point out that the case discussed in the “Bye Bye Brekka” post was subsequently overruled. I just made a note of it in the blog post but wanted to point this out to your group just so everybody is clear on it.

    Thanks again,



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