So a funny thing happened…

I received an email from (ISC)² earlier this week.  Apparently they never sent an outreach email originally scheduled for April 3rd.  Which makes me breath a big sigh of relief.  I mean I thought that nearly all 180 local  (ISC)² members were just not interested in starting a local chapter in KC.  And I was perplexed.  And getting a complex.  But mostly perplexed!

An outreach email was sent yesterday.  I have gathered about 40 local (ISC)² members that are interested in joining together to launch a local (ISC)² group in Kansas City.  That is fantastic!

So I am super excited, again!  WOOT!


About -Durk-

I am a first and foremost a dedicated follower of Christ. I am a dad. I am an extrovert, a techie geek, an info security expert-in-training, and a wannabe entrepreneur.

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