I finished my first 3-year CISSP certification cycle. I was scrambling to finish the last 30 CPEs, but I finished and am re-certified.

My plan was to write posts that communicated (cool, simple, interesting) ways to earn CPE’s. But if I were to summarize my CPEs from the last 3 years I would include a few vendor and (ISC)² conferences and a lot of podcasts and training courses.

My co-workers and I have been talking for awhile now about starting a local (ISC)² chapter. We finally started the process. There are tons of benefits but what I hope to gain out of the experience is learning leadership and security skills, networking, serving the community and lastly earning CPEs. Here is what (ISC)² has to say:

Being a member of an (ISC)² Chapter has its benefits. Not only will you gain a sense of fellowship with colleagues in your profession, you will also be able to network and exchange ideas with fellow (ISC)² credential holders and other information security professionals in your local area. Other opportunities consist of:

  • Advancing Information Security
  • Local network of peers to share knowledge, exchange resources, collaborate on projects
  • Engaging in leadership roles
  • Earning CPEs
  • Participating in co-sponsored events with other industry associations
  • Assisting (ISC)² initiatives by speaking at industry events or writing articles for publication
  • Participating in local community outreach projects (public service) to educate people about information security
  • Receiving special discounts on (ISC)² products and programs

Take the Lead! Start an (ISC)² Chapter in Your Community!

(ISC)² Chapters are forming throughout the world. If a local chapter is not located near you, then start one! The basic structure of an (ISC)² Chapter is:

  • A minimum of 15 members are required to form a chapter; exceptions may be made for extenuating circumstances
  • Only (ISC)² members are able to start up chapters and serve as officers
  • (ISC)² members are not required to be a member of a chapter
  • Non-(ISC)² members are eligible to join after a chapter has been chartered
  • Chapter member dues are at the discretion of each chapter
  • (ISC)² does not collect fees from chapters

(ISC)² Chapter Formation Process

Here is a quick overview on the steps involved in starting an (ISC)² Chapter in your local community:

  1. Determine Eligibility and Petition to Start an (ISC)² Chapter
    First determine if a chapter already exists in your area by referring to the (ISC)² Chapter Directory. If not, then review the (ISC)² Chapter Guidelines for requirements and if eligible, complete and submit the (ISC)² Chapter Petition for review and approval. Once approved,(ISC)² will reserve your requested territory and post your contact details in the directory.
  2. Hold a Start-up Meeting and Submit an Application
    Notify local members, hold a start-up meeting, discuss chapter goals and plans, elect officers and collect signatures on the (ISC)² Chapter Application from a minimum of 15 (ISC)² members, and then submit to (ISC)² for review and approval.
  3. Process Documentation and Establish Chapter Governance
    Once the application is approved, you’ll receive an information packet containing the paperwork necessary to finalize the application process. This includes signing off on the (ISC)² Chapter Affiliation Agreement, registering your chapter (if applicable), and developing your Chapter Bylaws (or other governance document).
  4. Become an Official (ISC)² Chapter and Receive a Welcome Kit
    Once the required paperwork has been processed and finalized, you will become an Official (ISC)² Chapter! You will receive a welcome kit containing your custom chapter materials and access to the chapter officer portal.
  5. Send Official Chapter Announcement and Hold an Inaugural Meeting
    (ISC)² will send an email notification on your behalf to announce your chapter to all local (ISC)² members within your geographic boundaries, and to invite them to the first chapter meeting.
  6. Maintain Chapter Reporting and Activity Requirements
    Submit interim activity reports after 90 and 180 days of receiving your charter, then annually thereafter; and hold regular chapter member and officer meetings throughout the year.

For questions or more information, contact us at chapters@isc2.org or call +1.727.785.0189.

If there isn’t a local (ISC)² chapter in your area, consider staring one. I will keep you posted!

About -Durk-

I am a first and foremost a dedicated follower of Christ. I am a dad. I am an extrovert, a techie geek, an info security expert-in-training, and a wannabe entrepreneur.

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